Saturday 03 Jul, 2021

Starting at 9:00am CEST

MeasureCamp Europe

Europe Remo

First Time Speakers Pep Talk

You came here. You gave up the whole Saturday. You came here, because there is an opportunity and you can see it. There is an analytics community and you want to be a part of it. You are eager to learn new stuff and grow your skills. You want to see the achievements of all the cool experienced people out there that work years in this industry and you will get it. Because those ladies and lads already know that it is worth sharing what they did. They do it for various reasons. They want feedback. They sometimes want your compassion and understanding. They sometimes want to boost their companies’ marketing or personal brands. They also might try to recruit new colleagues and thus showcase the cool stuff as well.


If you only come to listen. If you stay silent behind the curtain of a no-camera, no-mic setup, you will only get a part of the experience. Because even when you work in analytics for just a couple of months, you probably had to make some important decisions already. You probably used some solution, code, data or way of communication in a very creative and innovative way. You certainly have some strong opinions. You very likely have some unique experience thanks to your specific history and overlays of competencies from other industries that no one else has.


Feel no fear. Be brave. Be bold. Come on stage and share what occupies your mind. This is the best way to learn and grow. And by the way, the ability to frame and present your ideas in a way that smaller or bigger audiences can understand is a principal part of what we do in our jobs. On MeasureCamp, you can easily train yourself in public speaking, but you can do it with much lower barriers. Because this community is welcoming, helpful, listening and isn’t judgemental, derisive or unfair in any way. There are no bosses, no tough customers. There are people like you in the audience that have the same issues you have. We are sure about this, because we are part of it and it is the reason why we are investing our effort into organizing all this (for free). Best practices are mostly useful, but usually pretty boring. Current status must be challenged and is always disrupted one day.

We need you to set up a mirror for us.

Lukáš Čech
MeasureCamp Organiser and was once a first-time speaker

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