Saturday 03 Jul, 2021

Starting at 9:00am CEST

MeasureCamp Europe

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Planned Sessions

At the start of MeasureCamp, the Session Board is blank. No one knows who is leading a session, what their topic is, which room they will be in or what time their session is. MeasureCamp after MeasureCamp, all around the world, the people attending MeasureCamp make MeasureCamp special by adding their session to the board. These could be prepared & practiced presentations or a sudden inspiration for a discussion, they all go on the board – but not until the day itself.

There are two options if you want an idea of what your MeasureCamp day will be like. You can look at the Session Board from MeasureCamp Europe last year, trusting it will be somewhat similar this year. And listed below are sessions for this year’s event that have been shared in advance. These are not on the Session Board yet, we don’t know what room or what time, but we know they will be happening. Take a look below and feel free to reach out to the people leading the session if you want to start the conversations early.

To add your session, please complete this form and we will create a card that will be shared on this page and social media.

We really want to support everyone to lead a session. It can be terrifying pre session but it is an incredible thrill to get through it and recognise your achievement. To help out:

  • Here is a list of 200+ potential MeasureCamp session topics
  • If you want to have a go but don’t feel confident with a full session, let us know and we can arrange a session with five people doing five minutes each
  • Mark down in the list of topics that you want to lead a discussion but would appreciate someone else being on stage with you helping out
  • We can also arrange mentors, practice sessions or anything else that will help you take the plunge and lead your first MeasureCamp session

Session Cards