Saturday 03 Jul, 2021

Starting at 9:00am CEST

MeasureCamp Europe

Europe Remo


MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, for the analytics community who make MeasureCamp what it is. As virtual MeasureCamp are more established now, we are happy to open up the numbers to our normal full capacity, aiming for 300 attendees throughout the day. To achieve this, we will be releasing 450 full day tickets across three ticket releases, with a further 100 half day tickets to also be released. These half day tickets will be for the second half of MeasureCamp, offsetting the expected drop-off from the morning.

Ticket Restrictions

We reserve the right to cancel tickets prior to the conference and on the day at the discretion of the organising committee.

TIP: Go direct to Eventbrite to register for tickets, rumours suggest that way is faster…

Your personal information is safe with us. We will use your e-mail address to whitelist you on the virtual event platform and share relevant information with you. We won’t share your e-mail address with sponsors or anyone else. We will publish your name, company and twitter on our website only if you provide permission for us to do so.