Saturday 03 Jul, 2021

Starting at 9:00am CEST

MeasureCamp Europe

Europe Remo

Virtual MeasureCamp Experience

MeasureCamp is a different experience to any other conference. A Virtual MeasureCamp is different to any other virtual event and is also different to an in-person MeasureCamp. In order to get the most out of MeasureCamp Europe, we request you do some homework in advance and make sure you are ready for the day.

MeasureCamp Europe 2021 will be held on the Remo platform. The event can be accessed on the day via this link. There is no need to register in advance, you will be added to the Guest List on the 2nd July with invitations being sent out then. Please ensure that you login with the same email address that you used to register for your ticket on Eventbrite.

If you have a half day ticket, you will be able to enter MeasureCamp Europe from 1:15pm CEST.

Help Documentation

  • Read through the help guide
  • Watch the help videos
  • Get in touch if you would like a Remo demo session in advance of MeasureCamp
  • It’s not mentioned in the help documentation but we recommend planning your lunch, drinks, snacks, etc to fuel you throughout MeasureCamp. It is a great day but also a long one.

Leading a Session

As an unconference, everyone is encouraged to lead a session during the day, whatever your background and number of years of experience. Encouragement is nice but support is much more useful. We are introducing some new ideas to provide this support, to get more people up on stage, sharing their knowledge. Plus prizes for the people who do the best job at leading a session for the first time!

We have created a list of 200+ session topic ideas for inspiration. You can claim a topic for yourself on this list and also indicate if you would like some support with this session. This support might be someone to listen and give feedback for a presentation you prepare or to join you on stage as you lead a discussion.

We are also suggesting different session types which will be easier to start with if this is your first time leading a session:

  • Five for five – five speakers giving a five minute presentation each so you don’t need to fill the full 30 minutes
  • Organise a panel or debate – so you have other people on stage with you discussing a prearranged topic
  • Run a quiz (Jeopardy or Kahoot are two option) on the topic/s of your choice, help make the day fun

We would especially like participation from more young people from all backgrounds, and hope to encourage a more gender balanced and inclusive set of people leading sessions to reflect the diversity of people attending MeasureCamp. Anything we can do to help with that, just let us know.

Sharing your Session in Advance

In advance of any MeasureCamp, nobody, including the organisers, knows how is speaking & on what topics, let alone what time or which room – the Session Board starts the day blank. It is opened up for submissions at an in-person MeasureCamp at the end of the Opening Announcements, typically filling up within minutes. For a virtual MeasureCamp, the Session Board is opened up as soon as the virtual doors open at the start of the day.

Attendees are able to share their session cards in advance through this form. These details are used to create images of session cards, to be shared on social media with all of them listed here. You don’t know which room or what time, but you will know who and what – lots to get excited about. Note down the can’t miss sessions or even start the discussions early.

The people leading these sessions will still need to claim a slot on the Session Board at MeasureCamp on the day but they will have a link to a form pre-populated with their session details to make it easier.

MeasureCamp Sponsors

MeasureCamp is a free event for all attendees and so we wouldn’t survive without the support of our sponsors. Please do check out the companies we mention in newsletters, on social media and on the day itself, to see if they have something of value to offer you or the organisation you work for. Some companies will have a virtual sponsor booth on the day, go and say hello (and thank you).

We are planning to hold brief sponsor product demos during the lunch break, so you can get some learning in while you eat your lunch.

Code of Conduct

There is a code of conduct shared on this website and this will be reinforced during the Opening Announcements. MeasureCamp is dedicated to providing a harassment-free meet-up for everyone (regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion). Offenders will be removed from MeasureCamp and potentially banned from all future MeasureCamps.

Table Scribbles

Various of the tables within the Main Area of MeasureCamp Europe will be named, some related to Digital Analytics (e.g. Ecommerce analytics tips, best blogs to follow) and some not so related (e.g. recommended 2020/1 TV shows). On each of these tables, if you open the whiteboard, there is an opportunity to leave your tips, recommendations and feedback for everyone else.

By the end of the day, we will have crowdsourced useful content across a range of areas, these will be shared in blog posts. Feel free to check in on these lists during the day, they could be a good source of conversation points with the other people on that table. If you are not leading a session yourself, this is a chance to contribute to the knowledge shared during the course of the day.

Other Fun Aspects of MeasureCamp

  • There will be a memento given to everyone who leads a session during MeasureCamp, as a thank you for your contribution (may be limited to European attendees only)
  • There will be prizes for in various fields e.g. best first time session lead – more details to follow.
  • There will be random prizes but you need to be there at the end of the day to win
  • The MeasureCamp Nightclub will be opened at 17:00 for two hours of continued conversation in a more relaxed environment. Potentially including a live DJ, a comedian and games.